كيفية تعديل ميزانيتك بعد التضخم

How to adjust your budget after inflation

During uncertain times, it is important to have a plan on how to navigate. In the art of war, the great San Tzu says “Plan for what is difficult while it is easy.” In other words, you need to take an action…

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ما هو الدخل السلبي؟

Passive income: Explained

Imagine you’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix while making money. Sounds unrealistic, yeah? But this is not far from reality - you can make some money without exerting much effort, and that’s my friend what we call passive income. What is passive…

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3 طرق للتخلص من الديون

3 ways to get out of debt

Are you ready to take off on a journey to become debt-free? It’s about time to take control of your finances. Here are some strategies/ tips to help you pay off your debts as efficiently as possible. Buckle up. The Snowball method: bottom-to-top…

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Healthy financial habits for the new year

Healthy financial habits for the new year

The new year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to put together our vision boards and write down our goals list for the coming year. Yet, an important aspect that we often overlook in our New Year resolutions is…

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ما هي السيولة؟

What is liquidity?

You know how it’s difficult to get honey out of a jar? It’s dense, it’s sticky, it comes out in slow drips. If you wanted to move honey from one container to another, it would take quite a while. It’s way harder…

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ما هو المال؟

What is money?

If someone offered you the choice between a $1 bill and a $100 bill, which would you choose? It’s a pretty easy question, since the $100 is clearly more valuable than the $1. You can use it to buy 100 times more…

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ما هو التضخم؟

What is inflation?

Definition: Inflation is a general increase in prices that causes a decline in a currency’s purchasing power. Have you ever heard your grandparents say - “back in my day, my monthly rent was around the price of a Mcdonald’s meal today!” Wouldn’t…

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كيف تحدد أهدافك المالية؟

How to set financial goals

Do you ever feel like you’re trying so hard to get closer to your financial goals, but you’re just going around in circles? The thing is, if you don’t define your financial goals, you’ll always be struggling to reach them. It’s like…

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كيف تبدأ وضع الميزانية والادخار

How to start budgeting & saving

Do you ever find yourself thinking - where does all my hard earned money go? Budgeting and saving money doesn’t come naturally to most of us. As humans, we’re hardwired to want things - now. It's called instant gratification, and it’s a…

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