هل يوجد استثمار خالي من المخاطر؟

Does risk-free investing exist?

Is the search for a risk-free investment truly a mirage? A chase after an illusion you’ll never reach? Even though no investment is 100% risk-free, the good news is there are some you can call *almost* risk-free. These *almost* risk-free investments are…

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هل إقراض الحكومة هو الاستثمار الآمن الذي كنت تبحث عنه؟ سندات الخزانة

Treasuries— Is lending the government the safe investment you’ve been looking for?

What are Treasuries? Think of treasuries as IOUs [I owe you], or promise-to-pay notes from the government. The government borrows money from people, just like you might borrow money from a friend - and in return, they promise to pay you back…

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متوسط التكلفة بالدولار—هل من الأفضل الاستثمار بانتظام؟

Dollar cost averaging—Is it better to invest regularly?

What’s Dollar-Cost Averaging?  If you were to receive a large inheritance one day and decide to invest that money in the stock market, would you dump that amount in one go or would it make more sense to break the chunk up…

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Healthy financial habits for the new year

Healthy financial habits for the new year

The new year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to put together our vision boards and write down our goals list for the coming year. Yet, an important aspect that we often overlook in our New Year resolutions is…

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ما هو التنويع؟

What is diversification?

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, a phrase we oftentimes hear that tells us not to invest all our resources into a single possibility. For instance, if you’re on the hunt for a job, filling out a single job application…

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أنواع الأوامر: سعر السوق ولّا سعر محدد market and limit orders

Market vs limit order

It’s a chill Friday morning. You asked your brother to get you some fresh meat from the butcher’s market. There are two scenarios in this case: you can either tell him to buy 5 kilos of meat at any given price, OR…

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a mutual fund. hand put money in a box

What’s a mutual fund?

Investing in a mutual fund is the same as purchasing a pre-made burger from a burger place with all its different ingredients. The different ingredients represent the different types of securities. Additionally, having it pre-made by a place represents the fact that…

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تخفيض قيمة العملة: ما هو وكيف يؤثر على البورصة؟

Devaluation & its impact on the stock market

The word “currency devaluation” has a negative connotation to it, right? Yet, in some cases, it could potentially have positive effects on the stock market. How? Stick around to know more about currency devaluation, why it happens, and its impact on the…

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Intro to ETFs

The most common questions we get about investing in the US stock market are "what should I invest in?" and "how can I choose my stocks?". So, here’s the answer we've been giving - ETFs.  We hear about investing and how it’s one of the best…

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ما هي السيولة؟

What is liquidity?

You know how it’s difficult to get honey out of a jar? It’s dense, it’s sticky, it comes out in slow drips. If you wanted to move honey from one container to another, it would take quite a while. It’s way harder…

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